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Mark Your Calendars: GIS Board Meeting, Sept. 3

Please mark you calendars for the GIS Board meeting on September 3, 2014 at Ozarka College, 1800 College Dr. Mountain View, AR. The agenda is packed and some highlights include: Proposed Legislation for 2015 Address Database and Municipal Boundaries; updates on GeoStor, the Local 911 Systems Blue Ribbon Committee, and the Parcel Mapping Project; […]

.gps to .kml Data Conversion Process

On January 31, 2014, an Arkansas Forestry Commission plane was reported missing in western Arkansas.  The plane was on a routine forest fire patrol mission when the pilot failed to check in at one of his checkpoints.  The search started out local, but quickly grew into the largest search and rescue mission in Arkansas history.  […]

Settlers Joins Agency

The Arkansas Geographic Information Office is pleased to announce that Holly Settlers has joined the agency as its new Administrative Specialist. Holly will be responsible for agency  financial transactions, procurement, record management, performing general office duties and providing administrative support to the State GIS Board. Before joining AGIO, Holly was employed with Cardinal Health Distributions. […]

On the Road

I was recently asked to share some insight on the success of YOUR county road centerline program.  One of the first things that came to mind was our constant interaction with the counties who create and share this data with the state. Here’s a quick look at the travel to counties in September. This is […]

Serving You

Yesterday I was engaged in a great email discussion about the structure and data content of the Arkansas Road Centerline File.  The discussion centered on the way in which most counties represent the primary street name for roads that are highways.  There are discrepancies across the state for how the name  is presented.  Years ago […]

Parcel Mapping Grant Program Update

Latest update on the status of the parcel mapping grant. At the close of the application period 30 county applications were received.  AGIO compiled all the applications into a grant package and forwarded that information to the State GIS Board  for their review. Prior to the Board’s August 31st meeting in Bentonville the Board was […]

AGIO continues progress with address point mapping

The problem is how to locate people, places and events using an address. The solution is developing GIS framework layers that support the process. The ACF (Arkansas Centerline File) program was started in 2002 and completed in 2010. Street level geo-coding is an adequate means of locating addresses for many purposes, but it lacks the […]

Publicly Funded Lidar in Arkansas

The AGIO is responding to a request from the GIS Board to coordinate lidar data development in an effort to reduce duplication of effort. Shelby Johnson provided  an update on AGIO efforts related to lidar availability within the state at the AR GIS User Forum meeting today. The AGIO has been coordinating with US Army […]

Minority Growth Impacts School Board Zones

Arkansas law requires any school district that has a minority population greater than 10% to have their school board members elected by zones.  Many districts are already zoned so this isn’t new to them but there may be other districts for which this will go into effect for the first time. The data represents 010 […]