On the Road

I was recently asked to share some insight on the success of YOUR county road centerline program.  One of the first things that came to mind was our constant interaction with the counties who create and share this data with the state.

Here’s a quick look at the travel to counties in September.

A quick look at coordination dates and travel to work with County constituents.

This is not a particularly heavy travel month to counties because at the end of the month three AGIO staffers will attend the County Judges meeting.

The one on one time with counties has been very important to gain cooperation and improve coordination.  It leads to an understanding from the counties that we are not trying to sell them something or that we are not trying to take over something.   They soon get the idea that we are trying to help and then they help us by sharing back the data.

Our program could be better because there’s always room for improvement,  but one thing we do very well is face time.  Part of what helps that situation is actually geography.  Little Rock is basically in the center of the state.  With a two hour drive AGIO can reach just about  every county in the state.  We’d like to think YOUR program is successful because we are there coordinating with YOU.