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Recent Data

Geocode Service Change Notification

SERVICE NOTIFICATION On May 1st, 2018 the Arkansas GIS office will implement a major change to the geocode services available at The service titled GEOSTOR_COMPOSITE will be deprecated. After this date users will no longer have access to this service. The service titled ASDI_Composite_Locator will be replaced by the service currently titled ASDI_Composite_Locator_Beta. This […]

All Public Roads Linear Referencing System, aka ARNOLD, data upload complete!

We are extremely pleased to announce that final upload of the remaining All Public Roads Linear Referencing System (ARNOLD) datasets has been completed.¬† With this update now complete, users will have the ability to query and summarize attributes such as road ownership (state, county, municipal, etc.) and surface type (paved or unpaved) at a statewide […]

Municipal Boundaries Update

We have updated the Municipal Boundaries and Municipal¬†Boundary Changes layers based on the following annexations and geometry corrections: City Document date Change type ALMA 2017 Detachment ALPENA 2017 Annexation BALD KNOB 2009 Geometry correction BENTON 2017 Annexation BENTONVILLE 2017 Annexation BENTONVILLE 2017 Annexation BENTONVILLE 2017 Annexation BONO 2013 Geometry correction CAVE SPRINGS 2017 Annexation CAVE […]