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Arkansas Centerline File (ACF)

A centerline file is a GIS data set that contains line features representing roads and attributes, such as road name, address range and postal code, as well as various other elements to enable address matching and geocoding.

The ACF program is designed to compile a standardized statewide road centerline GIS map data layer that can be used by all levels of government, the private sector and individuals. One very unique aspect of the ACF Program is that there is technology transfer that allows for the data maintenance to be done at the local level. The State of Arkansas does not create or develop any data. The State simply integrates local sources into a common format in a standardized and consistent manner across jurisdictional boundaries. The ACF standard is a State Rule and Regulation.

County 9-1-1 offices and other local government entities are the main source for the compiled data. The GIS Office helps local government agencies with many of the technical facets of maintaining centerline data in house. The GIS Office supports the contracting of maintenance as well. The ACF database is available through the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) for no fee to internet users.

A complimentary activity has been the development of a situs address point file. These files represent physical address locations and like the ACF are built by local government partners. Address point data improves geocoding, aids emergency response, election administration and revenue generation through the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax initiative.

Our long range goal for this centerlines and physical addresses is to improve the accuracy, update the data on a more frequent basis, support local maintenance and when possible to provide direct funding to counties for maintaining the data.

Arkansas GIS Office Services Offered Through the ACF Program:

  • Inter/Intra Agency Coordination
  • Workflow Training/Guidance and Technical Support for ACF data development
  • Hardware/Software Selection
  • GPS Data Dictionaries and GIS Database Templates
  • Reference Data Layers
  • Request for Bid Document Preparation Assistance
  • Standards/Best Practices
  • Quality Assurance on Deliverables (using National Standards for Spatial Data Accuracy and test geocoding)
  • Data Distribution
  • Edge Matching to Adjacent Jurisdictions
  • Maintenance of a Master Statewide Layer via Program Participant Updates

Arkansas Centerline File (ACF) Status Map