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Municipal Boundary and Annexation Program

Act 914 of 2015 requires the Arkansas GIS Office, and cities to coordinate together on municipal boundary and annexation changes. Our goal is that changes to your city boundary begin with a GIS map.

The second thing the law does is to require the Arkansas GIS Office to submit a consolidated report of all city boundary changes to the Census Bureau.

Here at the Arkansas GIS Office we have a very efficient system put in place to publish the GIS data of city boundaries. These changes can be pushed out to the system for distribution once the proper filing has occurred. The boundaries that are born digital can be updated, distributed and used for decision making faster than ever.

We look forward to coordinating with anyone that is contemplating a boundary change. Here are some helpful tips. Reach out to your local Surveyor. These professionals are masters at writing precise legal descriptions needed to build accurate maps. Have a conversation with your Attorney. They have the knowledge to advise you on the laws. Make a copy of the Municipal League’s, “Municipal Annexation, Incorporation and Other Boundary Changes.” This guide contains an overview of the boundary change statutes in Arkansas and will be very helpful.

Services Offered Through the ACF Program

  • Initial Consultation on Annexations
  • Annexation Coordination Letter and Map provided to any Petitioner, or City
  • Maintaining the GIS Archive of City Boundary Changes


Required Documents

In order to prepare your annexation coordination map the Arkansas GIS Office requires a complete legal description of the area to be annexed. Other documents such as survey plats, or maps depicting the area are helpful.  To coordinate with us on a municipal boundary change please call 501-682-2767 or email to: