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Recent Data

Public Land Survey System Corner Control

The Division of Land Surveys is pleased to announce the first publication of Public Land Survey System, Corner Control Points in the state.   One of the chief missions of the Division of Land Surveys is to restore, maintain, and preserve the land survey monuments, section corners, and quarter section corners established by the United States […]

NHD/WBD Update

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce an update to the  National Hydrography Dataset and Watershed Boundary Dataset.  Also an additional housekeeping item is the renaming the Watershed Boundary products from Basins HUC # to WBD HU # which will hopefully make finding them a little easier. Please note that for the time being we […]

Municipal Boundary Update

We have updated the Municipal Boundaries and Municipal Boundary Changes layers based on the following: Gravette – Geometry Correction Little Rock – 2016 Redfield – 2017 Users can review both the Municipal Boundaries and Municipal Boundary Changes layers, as well as the associated ordinances, using our web app Check My City located at Users may […]