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Recent Data

Municipal Boundary Update

We have updated the Municipal Boundary and Municipal Boundary Change layers based on the following: Diaz – 2000 Detachment Fort Smith – 2017 Annexation Little Rock – 2017 Annexation Marmaduke – 1996 Annexation Users can review both the Municipal Boundary and Municipal Boundary Change layers, as well as the associated ordinances and supporting documentation, using our web app Check […]

Arkansas Centerline Update – 18 Counties

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce another update to the Arkansas Road Centerline File (ACF) on the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI). This update of 18 counties represents the sixth release of road data processed in a joint effort by counties, the Arkansas GIS Office, and the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT).  Remaining counties will […]

Proposed Revision to the ACF Standard – Opportunity to Comment

In accordance with A.C.A. § 25-15-204, the Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Board invites public comment on revisions to the Arkansas Centerline File (ACF) Standard.  The ACF Standard was first promulgated as a state rule September 15, 2002, and this data standard is intended to make road centerline files more uniform and to facilitate the sharing […]