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Recent Data

Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure Updates

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce the following data updates: Enviromental Permitted Site (point) Enviromental Facility (point) ASR Towers FCC (point) AGFC Gates And Barriers Outdoor Recreational Facilities Outdoor Recreation Access Wildlife Management Area Boundary (polygon) WMA Management Features Fish Attractors AGFC Gates And Barriers

Massive Update of Arkansas’ High Resolution Elevation Data

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce the availability of a statewide high resolution elevation dataset that is published via This announcement is the culmination of a very large coordination effort where numerous state and federal agencies worked hand-in-hand to acquire high resolution elevation data, frequently referred to as LiDAR based on the […]

Municipal Boundaries Update

We updated the municipal boundary and municipal boundary changes layers based on the following: City Year Ordinance County Order Method Ash Flat Boundary Correction Cash 1976 21 CO-76-3 100% Cash 1975 20 CO-74-3 100% Cash 1972 1972-17 100% Cash Multiple 1971-16 Majority Centerton 2014 2014-25 CC 2014-08 100% Fairfield Bay 1993 Inc1993 Incorporation Gentry 2007 […]