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Address Point Guidance for Public Safety

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to share new guidance on the Arkansas Master Address Point database file structure.  The guidance provides suggestion for adding two more attributes for local addressing authorities.  These additional columns of information are specifically geared to lay the foundation for the address point data to serve public safety needs.  Future […]

Little Things Mean More in the Right Way

Today I signed a procurement document that will impact every constituent of the agency for the next decade, and most of them will never ever know it. This document was the final step in a long process to changing how GeoStor will exist in the future. Now comes the hard work of platform, interface, and […]

Serving You

Yesterday I was engaged in a great email discussion about the structure and data content of the Arkansas Road Centerline File.  The discussion centered on the way in which most counties represent the primary street name for roads that are highways.  There are discrepancies across the state for how the name  is presented.  Years ago […]

2012 Address Point Update More Dots Coming Soon

The great people in the counties of Arkansas continue to amaze us here in the Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO).  A few years ago we started this cooperative effort to develop address point level data with the counties as natural progression from the road centerline program.  It’s been a tremendous effort.  For AGIO’s part we provide […]