AGIO continues progress with address point mapping

The problem is how to locate people, places and events using an address. The solution is developing GIS framework layers that support the process. The ACF (Arkansas Centerline File) program was started in 2002 and completed in 2010. Street level geo-coding is an adequate means of locating addresses for many purposes, but it lacks the positional accuracy and complete attributes for many others. Therefore, the AGIO has been working with county addressing agencies since 2009 with the goal of producing a statewide physical address point feature layer.

During the GIS Users Forum conference that same year, the AGIO introduced what was an unofficial project and presented it as an adjunct to the ACF (Arkansas Centerline File) program. Since that time, the agency has made significant progress in developing address files across the state.

In December of 2010, our agency contracted with Connect-Arkansas to target 28 counties identified as lacking in high-speed Internet coverage. As part of a grant provided by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the AGIO now has limited but sufficient funding to assist these 28 counties in developing GIS address point features.

Here is a link to the current ACF status for Arkansas: