Parcel Mapping Grant Program Update

Latest update on the status of the parcel mapping grant.

At the close of the application period 30 county applications were received.  AGIO compiled all the applications into a grant package and forwarded that information to the State GIS Board  for their review.

Prior to the Board’s August 31st meeting in Bentonville the Board was requested to rank all the applications in their order of preference and return their score to the AGIO.  AGIO combined all the scores and presented the material to the Board at the meeting.

The Board decided to approve the combined ranking and in the case where the rank was tied the tie would be settled in alphabetical order.

AGIO began immediate work on the Bid document with Office of State Procurement.  We are meeting with them again later this week to finalize the bid.  It will contain all the counties who applied.

When or if a county is unable to raise its 40% share of the low bid then the next county on the list moves up.

Here is the Board’s final ranking.  You will notice there are several counties that have a tied score.

    • Lawrence     1
    • Bradley        2
    • Monroe        3
    • Scott            4
    • Lonoke        5
    • Calhoun       6
    • Prairie          7
    • Woodruff     8
    • Izard            9
    • Ouachita      10
    • Cleveland    11
    • Hempstead  12
    • Lee              12
    • Pike             13
    • Dallas           14
    • Howard        15
    • Randolph     16
    • Cleburne      17
    • Lafayette     17
    • Faulkner      18
    • Union           19
    • Drew            20
    • Saint Francis         21
    • Jackson       22
    • Lincoln         22
    • Newton        23
    • Garland       24
    • Pope            24
    • Sebastian    25
    • Pulaski         26

The parcal mapping grant program is a direct result of the State’s 2010  GIS Business Plan.  A key recommendation of the Plan was for the state to implement a funding program to complete parcel mapping where the state would provide partial funding to be matched by county money.   The 88th General Assembly with support from the Governor enacted Act 559 of 2011 that established a mechanism and program for parcel mapping in Arkansas. This grant application package is the result of Act 559 of 2011. Act 1091 of 2011 provides a General Improvement Fund appropriation to the Arkansas Geographic Information Office thereby providing the legal framework for a funding mechanism. Upon passage of these Acts, the State GIS Board developed the program guidelines.