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Cadastral Mapping Standard Revision – Opportunity for Comment

In accordance with A.C.A. § 25-15-204, the Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Board will invite public comment on revisions to the Arkansas Cadastral Mapping Standard.  The Cadastral Mapping Standard was first promulgated as a state rule July 2, 2004, and this data standard is intended to make digital cadastral data more uniform and to facilitate the […]

Parcel Polygon Update

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce an update to the Parcel Polygon and Parcel Point layer within the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI).  Thank you to the Pike County Assessor’s Office for providing the update. You can download the new data here: Parcel Polygons: Parcel Points:

New Parcel Data – Lincoln and Prairie Counties

New tax parcel polygons have been published for the first time on GeoStor for Lincoln and Prairie counties.Links to data (clip): Statewide dataset: CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMPA big congratulations to Rebecca Morgan, Lincoln County Assessor and Jeannie Lott, Prairie County Assessor for their accomplishment and their participation in this program. To track the status of the program visit […]

Brand New Parcel Data Union County & Updates for Mississippi County

AGIO Staff and Vicki Deaton, Union County Assessor are proud to announce that Union County tax parcel polygons have been published for the first time on GeoStor. Mississippi County parcels have been updated as well!Links to data (clip): Statewide dataset: CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMPAGIO would like to congratulate Vicki and her staff in the Union County Assessor Office for participating in […]

Desha County Added to List of Tax Parcel GIS Data

Desha County Parcel Data Now Available AGIO Staff and Gaye Brown, Desha County Assessor are proud to annouce that Desha County tax parcel polygons have been published for the first time in the GeoStor databases. Links to data (clip): dataset: CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP  This graphic shows the publication status by county. AGIO would like to congratulate Jessica Ferguson […]

Parcel Updates

Arkansas County Assessors continue to provide updates to the parcel data. Thank you- Clark, Jefferson, Pike, Pope, Saline, and White County Parcels have been updated in the GeoStor databasesLinks to data (clip): dataset: (CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP and CADAS_PARCEL_CENTROID_CAMP)

Parcel and School Updates

Pope County Parcels have been updated in the GeoStor databasesLinks to data: dataset: blic_Statewide/ Filenames (CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP and CADAS_PARCEL_CENTROID_CAMP)Arkansas Public Schools k-12 file has been updated in the GeoStor Database

Massive Parcel Update – Now Available

Staff have been busy processing a major update of parcel data now available for consumption. Publication Status by County. Parcels centroids have been updated for the counties corresponding to the polygon updates listed. New parcel polygons now available for Franklin and Washington counties. Updated parcel polygons for Baxter, Boone, Chicot, Clark, Conway, Faulkner, Jackson, Little […]

One data set updated

Boone County Assessor Office has provided parcel updates to GeoStor.Centroids- Thanks, Boone County for sharing the data.

Six Data Sets Updated

Several updates have been provided to GeoStor. Thank you to those who provide data for the GIS community to leverage. Situs Address Point file- Baxter and Searcy County have been added Emergency Medical Service Locations- updated Arkansas Oil and Gas Locations- updated Parcel data- Clay County has been updated ACF Road […]