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County Boundary Improvement Update

Last year we announced an effort toward improving the spatial accuracy of the County Boundary file.   The Division of Land Surveys has continued their field work to acquire high precision coordinate data on certified corners in their Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data.  An important part of the change included a switch-over to a new […]

Public Land Survey System Corner Control

The Division of Land Surveys is pleased to announce the first publication of Public Land Survey System, Corner Control Points in the state.   One of the chief missions of the Division of Land Surveys is to restore, maintain, and preserve the land survey monuments, section corners, and quarter section corners established by the United States […]

New Parcel Data – Lincoln and Prairie Counties

New tax parcel polygons have been published for the first time on GeoStor for Lincoln and Prairie counties.Links to data (clip): Statewide dataset: CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMPA big congratulations to Rebecca Morgan, Lincoln County Assessor and Jeannie Lott, Prairie County Assessor for their accomplishment and their participation in this program. To track the status of the program visit […]

Brand New Parcel Data Union County & Updates for Mississippi County

AGIO Staff and Vicki Deaton, Union County Assessor are proud to announce that Union County tax parcel polygons have been published for the first time on GeoStor. Mississippi County parcels have been updated as well!Links to data (clip): Statewide dataset: CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMPAGIO would like to congratulate Vicki and her staff in the Union County Assessor Office for participating in […]

Benton County Parcels Now on GeoStor

Hold on to your boots GIS Users, this is a big one. AGIO Staff and Bear Chaney, Benton County Assessor are proud to announce that Benton County tax parcel polygons have been published for the first time on the GeoStor databases.Links to data (clip): Statewide dataset: CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMPThe team here would like to thank Richard Booth in the Assessor Office […]

Fourteen Data Sets Updated

Several updates have been provided to GeoStor. Thank you to those who provide data for the GIS community to leverage. Situs Address Points- Scott County has been added AHTD Sections- updated to correct loading error FEMA DFIRM Data- updated to include Benton, Greene, Mississippi, and Pope Counties