County Boundary Improvement Update

Last year we announced an effort toward improving the spatial accuracy of the County Boundary file.   The Division of Land Surveys has continued their field work to acquire high precision coordinate data on certified corners in their Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data.  An important part of the change included a switch-over to a new County Boundary publication file.  News about the  Pre-Release version of that data was published in October of 2020 and the file and corresponding change polygons were put into production in January of 2021.

An unknown in this process was the speed at which the Division of Land Surveys and their contractors would be able to conduct the precision data collection on control corners that are coincident with county boundaries.  Since this change-over occurred, the Division has collected precision level data on more control corners and should have approximately fifty-five more by July.  Based on their progress and future workload, we are forecasting the county boundary and county boundary change polygons will be revised on a six-month basis.   The GIS Office is scheduling these publications for July and January of each year.

County Boundary polygons can be downloaded or accessed at:

County Boundary Change polygons can be downloaded or accessed at:

We will send out a reminder when these revisions are published.