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Cadastral data Updated

Columbia and Saline County cadastral (parcel) data has been updated in the GeoStor database. Thank you for your willingness to share data with users world-wide. Clip by CountyCentroids: Statewide Dataset: CADAS.PARCEL_CENTROID_CAMP & CADAS.PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP Status Graphic:

Craighead County Parcel Update

Craighead County has provided an update of their parcels. The GeoStor database has been updated with the data provided. Thanks goes to Craighead County for their willingness to share data. Download – FTP (for whole state)-

Jefferson County, AR Parcels Now Available

Thank you goes to Jefferson County, who recently submitted their parcels for inclusion in GeoStor. The county continues to work to complete a few remaining areas.Download – (for whole state)–