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AR 2010 Census Data

UPDATE: A processing error was identified in the Blocks – 2010 Census file . This error was introduced while loading into the GeoStor System. The error has been corrected in all locations (downloads & FTP). Please consider downloading the data again if you retrieved it prior to 2/15/2011 5:00pm. We are sorry for the inconvenience and […]

Parcel and School Updates

Pope County Parcels have been updated in the GeoStor databasesLinks to data: dataset: blic_Statewide/ Filenames (CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP and CADAS_PARCEL_CENTROID_CAMP)Arkansas Public Schools k-12 file has been updated in the GeoStor Database

Data Updates and Additions

Thank you to those that continue to contribute data to GeoStor for public consumption. AR House of Represenatives District Application Crawford & Johnson County Situs Address Points- updated  EPA GeoData Gateway- link added Madison & Pope County Parcels- updated Circuit Courts- added Perry County Orthos- added (will be added to image service in the coming […]

Drew County Orthophotography

Drew County has provided 1 foot resolution, natural color orthos for the county and half foot resolution for the City of Monticello. The data was flown and processed by Eagle Forestry Services. The data can be downloaded from as a tiff or Mr.Sid file. Thank you goes to Judge Lampkin, Mr. Horn, 911 Coordinator, and Drew County […]

DFIRM Data Available

Digital Flood Insurance Map (DFIRM), provided by the Federal Emegency Management Agency (FEMA) has been loaded in GeoStor. The data is not available statewide as illustrated in the graphic to the right. FEMA also provides a web service which is updated more often than GeoStor recieves the data. Download data Fema page describing WMS […]

Logan County, AR Parcels

Parcels for Logan County Arkansas have been updated. Files are available to download. County / Clip: layer: Filename: CADAS.PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP Thanks Logan County, for sharing your data

195,357 Address Points Added

Thank you to Benton, Faulkner, Mississippi, and White Counties for providing your data for use. The situs address points for each of these counties is now available for download. Jefferson County situs addresses were updated. The data will also be provided to for further use. This data set would not be possible without a lot of […]

City Boundary and Road Centerline Updates

City Boundaries– provided by the Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department Arkansas Road Centerline file– Madison, Union, and Woodruff provided by each countyClip, format, ship- in shapefile format- (file name: TRANSP_ROADS_ACF_line)

New Data- Justice of Peace Districts

Justice of the Peace Districts for select counties are now available via GeoStor. The Arkansas Secretary of State created and provided this data set. Work continues to complete the JP districts in all 75 counties. The following counties are currently available for download:  Arkansas, United States of America, Ashley, Baxter, Bradley, Calhoun, Carroll, Chicot, Clark, […]

New Data on Beta Site

We are pleased to announce the availability of Public Water Systems & Electric Service Territories via Public Water Systems was developed by the Arkansas Department of Health. Work is still underway but a significant amount of progress has been made. Electric Service Territories was developed by a number of electric service providers. AGIO staff […]