AR 2010 Census Data

UPDATE: A processing error was identified in the Blocks – 2010 Census file . This error was introduced while loading into the GeoStor System. The error has been corrected in all locations (downloads & FTP). Please consider downloading the data again if you retrieved it prior to 2/15/2011 5:00pm. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank the user who brought the error to our attention.

2010 Census data has been released for Arkansas. Visit American FactFinder ( if you wish to download from the US Census Bureau.The data sets below have been published in GeoStor to support redistricting efforts. Users should be aware; not all census geography will align with other data sets in GeoStor. Geographies represented in the City Boundary, County Boundary, School District and other files on GeoStor are more current than those found in the Census files.

Visit the GeoStor ftp site ( if you would like to download the files statewide as a shapefile (zipped).

Direct link to files below
Blocks – 2010 Census (Shapefile is 600 MB and took 1 hour to process. Thank you for your patience.)
Congressional District – 2010 Census
County Boundary – 2010 Census
House District – 2010 Census
Places – 2010 Census
Senate District – 2010 Census
School District – 2010 Census
Voting District – 2010 Census

*Note: Not all of the tables have been linked to the geographic data. The PL194-74 files for Arkansas have been compiled into an access database. The Access database can be downloaded here (60MB z
ip file