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Six Data Sets Updated

Several updates have been provided to GeoStor. Thank you to those who provide data for the GIS community to leverage. Situs Address Point file- Baxter and Searcy County have been added Emergency Medical Service Locations- updated Arkansas Oil and Gas Locations- updated Parcel data- Clay County has been updated ACF Road […]

62,623 Situs Addresses Added

Thanks to Sebastian County Judge Hudson and the good folks at Western Arkansas Planning and Development District 62,623 situs address points have been added to GeoStor. That brings the total to 636,623 addresses with xy coordinates in Arkansas (graphic AGIO staff also took some time to do additional scrubbing on all (636,623) to improve quality. The file […]

11,119 Marion County Address Points Added

Thank you extended to Marion County for providing their address points for use. The address points are now available via GeoStor.County Download: Download:

195,357 Address Points Added

Thank you to Benton, Faulkner, Mississippi, and White Counties for providing your data for use. The situs address points for each of these counties is now available for download. Jefferson County situs addresses were updated. The data will also be provided to for further use. This data set would not be possible without a lot of […]