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AR Data Updates

Arkansas County Assessors continue to provide updates to the parcel data. Thank you-Little River and Mississippi County Parcels have been updated in the GeoStor databasesLinks to data (clip): dataset: (CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP and CADAS_PARCEL_CENTROID_CAMP)Stone County Addresses have been added to the GeoStor database. Address Point File by County: dataset: (STRUC_SITUS_ADDRESS_PT_point) Thank you to those who continue to […]

Six Data Sets Updated

Several updates have been provided to GeoStor. Thank you to those who provide data for the GIS community to leverage. Situs Address Point file- Baxter and Searcy County have been added Emergency Medical Service Locations- updated Arkansas Oil and Gas Locations- updated Parcel data- Clay County has been updated ACF Road […]

GeoStor More Data & Updates

The following data has been added or updated throughout the GeoStor System. We appreciate all those willing to coordinate and distribute information via GeoStor- Thank You! Additions:These orthos have not been added to the High resolution ortho service. We are still working on our long term strategy to handle the high resolution orthos in an […]