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ACF Update

Cross and Fulton Counties have been updated in the Arkansas Road Centerline File dataset: Filename (TRANSP_ROADS_ACF_line)

Address, Parcel, Road, Ortho Updates

Addresses (705,783) – This file has been scrubbed again to remove duplicate and null values dataset: Filename (STRUC_SITUS_ADDRESS_PT_point) Parcels- Van Buren County has been updated in this file dataset: Filenames (CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP and CADAS_PARCEL_CENTROID_CAMP) Roads- Crawford, Less Sebastian, and Scott have been updated in this file dataset: Filename (TRANSP_ROADS_ACF_line) 2010 […]

Six Data Sets Updated

Several updates have been provided to GeoStor. Thank you to those who provide data for the GIS community to leverage. Situs Address Point file- Baxter and Searcy County have been added Emergency Medical Service Locations- updated Arkansas Oil and Gas Locations- updated Parcel data- Clay County has been updated ACF Road […]

AR Road Centerline File: Five Counties Updated

Grant, Hempstead, Howard, Prairie, and Searcy counties have all provided updates to the AR road centerline file. These updates are critical to the maintenance of the file and the state appreciates the counties willingness to share the data. Data can be downloaded in one of two waysCounty Clip: ACF Data Set:

Road Centerline File Updated

Miller County Arkansas road centerlines have been updated in the Arkansas Road Centerline File.County Clip: ACF Data Set: Thank you, Miller County for providing your data.

More Eyes Equals Better Data

The Arkansas Road Centerline File effort is unique because it does not seek to just create the data. The effort includes a continued effort to have road centerlines maintained at the local level. There is also great deal of value that comes from having the data used. User provided feedback is one benefit of having […]