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GeoStor Outage Resolved

The file system repair has completed and as far as I can tell everything is functioning properly again. Unfortunately, if you submitted any downloads today you will have to resubmit the job. Let me know if you run into any issues that may be related to this outage. Glen GeoStor Blog:

GeoStor Outage

Our FTP server has experienced some data corruption and I am attempting to repair it, however this means that Downloads are down as well. I expect the repair process to continue though the evening since the disk being repaired is 2TB in size. I have posted a notice on the GeoStor home page and I […]

GeoStor WMS Services Take 2

I have edited the previous blog post to reflect the URLs to the WMS services that actually work. Sorry for any inconviences this may have caused.

FGDC GIS Workshops: A newcomer's perspective

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to talk a little bit about my experience at the Little Rock workshop yesterday. First of all, I want to say that it was so nice to meet some of you! I’ve been writing these articles and blurbs to an “invisible” audience, and I’m glad I got to actually see […]

GeoStor Notice

1. Written GeoStor Tutorial is now available. A link to the tutorial has been added to the menu bar (Help) 2. A vector footprint representing all of the ortho data on the GeoStor FTP site is now available for download. We were tired of searching through the ftp to determine all of the vintages of […]

Toni Oden Added to List of GIS Leaders

This week, the Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) has added Toni Oden, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist at the Craighead County Assessor Office, to its list of GIS leaders in Arkansas. Toni has lived in Jonesboro her entire life, and has been doing mapping work since Craighead enrolled in the County Assessor Mapping Program (CAMP) […]

GeoStor Enhancements

We have been rolling out a number of enhancements for the past two weeks. The remaining enhancements rolled out last night.1. View Thumbnail column returned with your search results.2. Full listing of all metadata records with Thumbnails available at Persistent unique ID added to metadata records that can be used if you need to […]

Tammy Sanders Added to List of GIS Leaders

        The Arkansas Geographic Information Office in Little Rock has recently named Izard County Assessor Tammy Sanders to our list of Geographic Information System (GIS) leaders. Sanders has lived in Calico Rock (located in Izard) for most of her life, and has been a full-time Assessor for the county for several years. Izard County is […]

GeoStor Additions

We have heard from several of you and are working to incorporate your suggestions.The following is now in production* A hyperlink that automatically generates the search for files on the FTP site has been addedto the homepage* Pagination is now enabled if your search returns more than 20 results* More data becoming available, look for […]

Cushman School District Annexation

Effective July 1, 2009: The State Board of Education approved the annexation of the Cushman School District into the Batesville School District. The GIS Applications Lab at University of Arkansas, Little Rock working on behalf of the Secretary of State Office has updated the Public School District boundary file on GeoStor to reflect this change. […]