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State Strategic Plan for GIS Adopted

On behalf of the State GIS Board, the Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce the state’s strategic plan for GIS has been updated, and adopted.  The plan builds on the work of the agency to foster the development, and maintenance of framework GIS data.  It includes key actions on the work of the Division […]

Parcel Match, Encourage Them and They Might Map

In 2011 AGIO received legislative funding to develop a Parcel Mapping Program stemming from elements in our State GIS Business Plan.  For a historical reference take a look at this article.  The key recommendation in this plan was implementing a procurement matching concept so that both the state and counties have “skin in the game.”  Ultimately the […]

Strategic Business Plan Update

Nine months ago, the AGIO published the Arkansas Geospatial Strategic Business Plan as a means of funding essential GIS improvement and maintenance projects throughout the state. In the months that followed, the plan was presented to various committees, boards and the governor’s office. Several organizations have publicly endorsed the plan, at least in part, the […]

Geospatial Strategic Business Plan Endorsements

This is Arkansas’ plan! It is important that all stakeholders know this is their plan as well. We will be posting letters of endorsement on this post as we receive them. June 4, 2010- Arkansas Society of Professional Surveyors Board of Directors “Surveyors rely on the parcel data in the assessor’s office and the highly accurate digital […]

Invest $15M over 5 years

“The issue is the issue” – Shelby Johnson The Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) is leading an effort to build a coordinated Geographic Information System (GIS) for the State of Arkansas.  To achieve that goal the agency is seeking sustainable funding to invest in creating and maintaining the data.  Shelby Johnson, Arkansas GIO had the […]

Arkansas Strategic Business Plan for GIS Released

The Arkansas Geographic Information Office posted the final version of the 2010 State GIS Business Plan on its website today.  The plan represents a hallmark moment in the history of organized geographic information systems (GIS) in Arkansas.  Interestingly enough, the earliest coordination effort began almost 20 years ago by former Governor Bill Clinton.  The plan […]