Parcel Mapping Ready, Set, GO!

Our last update on parcel mapping program listed the counties, their match rates and the cost to get them included in the project. The post was written to encourage GIS stakeholders in Arkansas to support and advocate for this project. Well…. good on you!

As of this date we are now awaiting matching funds from Calhoun County.  Their Quorum Court approved the item at their meeting last night and they have communicated the “proverbial check is in the mail.”

Out of the entire list of program participants there are five counties that elected to not participate.  Their choices are reasonable.  Howard, Jackson and Sebastian continued their mapping work in-house even after they applied for the program.  For that time in between the program application and now they’ve nearly finished parcel mapping in their county and decided they would rather finish in-house on their own.  Pulaski County’s application was intended to update existing parcel spatial alignment but their multi-feature data model would require alignment on all the complex features they maintain.  We conferred with them and they determined it would be wise to defer to a subsequent application.

That leaves Newton County on the list of applicants who regretfully wrote in their response letter; they lacked the funding to participate at this time.

So what’s the big news?  This map here is about to get a lot more blue.

Parcel Map Data Published on GeoStor

AGIO is now moving forward with executing the purchase orders on the counties that have raised their match.  This parcel mapping project is now almost at GO!