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Address Point File Update – Drew County

Wow can you believe it!  We are proud to announce yet another County Address Point update available on GeoStor. This update is for Drew County, Arkansas. The statewide status of this important dataset is steadily improving. Address Point File by County: dataset: (STRUC_SITUS_ADDRESS_PT_point) Thanks to Drew County for providing high quality data for use by […]

Address Point File Update County Address Point update available on GeoStor for Carroll County, Arkansas. The statewide status of this important dataset is steadily improving. Address Point File by County: dataset: (STRUC_SITUS_ADDRESS_PT_point) Thanks to Carroll County for providing high quality data for use by the broader community.

GeoStor Service Interuption

The Arkansas Geographic Information Office is experiencing a service interruption with the GeoStor downloads.  The remainder of the system is operating normally. Users who need access to data immediately have a couple of options: 1)  access the data by feature or image services 2)  access data on the FTP site We apologize for […]

Craighead County Parcel Update

Craighead County has provided an update of their parcels. The GeoStor database has been updated with the data provided. Thanks goes to Craighead County for their willingness to share data. Download – FTP (for whole state)-

City Boundary and Road Centerline Updates

City Boundaries– provided by the Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department Arkansas Road Centerline file– Madison, Union, and Woodruff provided by each countyClip, format, ship- in shapefile format- (file name: TRANSP_ROADS_ACF_line)

New Data- Justice of Peace Districts

Justice of the Peace Districts for select counties are now available via GeoStor. The Arkansas Secretary of State created and provided this data set. Work continues to complete the JP districts in all 75 counties. The following counties are currently available for download:  Arkansas, United States of America, Ashley, Baxter, Bradley, Calhoun, Carroll, Chicot, Clark, […]

More Eyes Equals Better Data

The Arkansas Road Centerline File effort is unique because it does not seek to just create the data. The effort includes a continued effort to have road centerlines maintained at the local level. There is also great deal of value that comes from having the data used. User provided feedback is one benefit of having […]

Mike Hamby GIS Specialist, Crawford County Assessor’s Office announced yesterday. This site is intended to provide access (via a viewer) to parcel information that resides in the public domain. Access to the viewer has been added to GeoStor Parcel data can be downloaded here for no fee. Thank you Mike and Crawford County, AR for sharing.

GeoStor Update

So many things going on! Brief summary: There were some issues with raster downloads, these should be fixed now You also shouldn’t be able to download a raster data set in incompatible formats now BIG NEWS!!!! Most of our storage hardware will be out of warranty in a few months and you know what happens […]

GeoStor More Data & Updates

The following data has been added or updated throughout the GeoStor System. We appreciate all those willing to coordinate and distribute information via GeoStor- Thank You! Additions:These orthos have not been added to the High resolution ortho service. We are still working on our long term strategy to handle the high resolution orthos in an […]