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Drew County Orthophotography

Drew County has provided 1 foot resolution, natural color orthos for the county and half foot resolution for the City of Monticello. The data was flown and processed by Eagle Forestry Services. The data can be downloaded from as a tiff or Mr.Sid file. Thank you goes to Judge Lampkin, Mr. Horn, 911 Coordinator, and Drew County […]

Craighead County Parcel Update

Craighead County has provided an update of their parcels. The GeoStor database has been updated with the data provided. Thanks goes to Craighead County for their willingness to share data. Download – FTP (for whole state)-

Updated School District Boundary

The UALR GIS Applications Laboratory and Secretary of State have provided an update to the AR Public School District file. This file includes all of the annexations that became effective on July 1, 2010.Annexations include: 1. Weiner SD consolidated Harrisburg SD 2. Delight SD consolidated Murfreesboro SD 3. Turrell SD consolidated Marion SD 4. Wickes […]

195,357 Address Points Added

Thank you to Benton, Faulkner, Mississippi, and White Counties for providing your data for use. The situs address points for each of these counties is now available for download. Jefferson County situs addresses were updated. The data will also be provided to for further use. This data set would not be possible without a lot of […]

Road Centerline File Updated

Miller County Arkansas road centerlines have been updated in the Arkansas Road Centerline File.County Clip: ACF Data Set: Thank you, Miller County for providing your data.

More Eyes Equals Better Data

The Arkansas Road Centerline File effort is unique because it does not seek to just create the data. The effort includes a continued effort to have road centerlines maintained at the local level. There is also great deal of value that comes from having the data used. User provided feedback is one benefit of having […]