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National Elevation Dataset 1999 (raster)

National Elevation Dataset 1999 (raster)

Updated: 2014-10-16 14:48:00

Publisher: Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST)

Publication Date: 1-Jan-99

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Data Description

National Elevation Dataset 1999 (raster)

Data available online through GeoStor at The U.S. Geological Survey has developed a National Elevation Database (NED). The NED is a seamless mosaic of best-available elevation data. The 7.5-minute elevation data for the conterminous United States are the primary initial source data. In addition to the availability of complete 7.5-minute data, efficient processing methods were developed to filter production artifacts in the existing data, convert to the NAD83 datum, edge-match, and fill slivers of missing data at quadrangle seams. One of the effects of the NED processing steps is a much-improved base of elevation data for calculating slope and hydrologic derivatives.

[Keywords: elevation surface model dem ]