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Pulaski County 2 Foot Contours: 2010-2011 (line)

Updated: 2015-12-14 21:56:00

Publisher: Pulaski Area GIS (PaGIS)

Publication Date: December 14th, 2015

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Data Description

Pulaski County 2 Foot Contours (line)

This dataset consists of 2 foot interval contour lines with ground elvation contained in the 3D geometry attribute data. Fugro EarthData, Inc collected LiDAR for approximately 714 square miles at 1.0 points per square meter (1.0m GSD) for the FEMA project area the southeast portion of Pulaski County in 2010, and most of the remaining part of the County in 2011. The extreme northeastern part of Pulaski County (essentially north of Highay 89 was not collected. Dewberry used proprietary procedures to classify the LAS according to project specifications: 1-Unclassified, 2-Ground, 7-Noise, 9-Water, 10-Ignored Ground, 11-Withheld Points. Dewberry produced 3D breaklines and combined these with the final LiDAR data to produce seamless hydro flattened DEMs for the 199 tiles (10,000 ft x 10,000 ft) that cover the project area. The contour data was generated from the bare earth DEM and DTM data.</abstract>
  <purpose>The purpose of this contour data is provide a high accuracy elevation vector dataset with 3D geometry that may be used with GIS or CAD software for Engineering Planning and associated applications. The contours were generated from LiDAR data originally collected in 2010 and 2011 for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Map Modernization Program and Risk Map Program. The purpose of this LiDAR data was to produce high accuracy 3D elevation products, including tiled LiDAR in LAS 1.2 format, 3D breaklines, terrain dataset, 2 ft contours, and 5 ft cell size hydro flattened Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).

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