AHTD provides new datasets and updates others

The Arkanasas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) has provided the 2009 Road Inventory data set for download. This data set includes 30+ attributes including functional class codes, lane widths, average daily traffic counts, ect. All of the attributes are documented within the metadata. http://www.geostor.arkansas.gov/G6/Home.html?id=57b7ad161edbdfee5140d1fd7758a828

AHTD has also provided Mile Marker Post http://www.geostor.arkansas.gov/G6/Home.html?id=56be6654d01a3c0eaf21e0251741c31d and updates to:

Public Land Survey Sections: http://www.geostor.arkansas.gov/G6/Home.html?id=d9ac87f8090134b18c9785179dba22f1

Highway Linear Referencing System: http://www.geostor.arkansas.gov/G6/Home.html?id=61cdf0f7ecc8bd585e1d7031d3b4e83b

Thanks to AHTD for sharing data…