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Tag Archives: redistricting

BAS Workshop Announced

U.S. Census Bureau, Arkansas Geographic Information Office and the Arkansas GIS Users Forum announce boundary training workshop coming to Arkansas The U.S. Census Bureau conducts the Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) annually to collect legal boundary information, government status, and names for incorporated places, minor civil divisions (MCD), counties, states, and American Indian areas.  The Census Bureau […]

Born Digital Justice of Peace Redistricting

For the first time in history, County Justice of Peace (JP) Districts were originated digitally using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Arkansas.  The statewide map of JP districts (large format file link) is the result of nearly two years of planning by state and local officials. In a 2010 news article the Arkansas Geographic Information Office […]

Arkansas Congressional District Boundaries Published on GeoStor

The 2011 version of the Arkansas Congressional District Boundaries has been published on GeoStor.  The data represent the new boundaries drawn by the 88th General Assembly.  Their work is detailed in Act 1242 of 2011.  The boundaries reapportion the state’s population into new districts roughly equal in population. Link to the 2011 Congressional District GIS data […]

GeoStor Redistricting Advisory

GeoStor uses the AHTD County boundary as the clip layer for extracting all data requests clipped by county name.  That boundary has been in use on GeoStor for delivering GIS data because it is a more accurate representation of county boundaries.  Its source is from improved basemap data. Users who are downloading Census blocks for […]

Minority Growth Impacts School Board Zones

Arkansas law requires any school district that has a minority population greater than 10% to have their school board members elected by zones.  Many districts are already zoned so this isn’t new to them but there may be other districts for which this will go into effect for the first time. The data represents 010 […]