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GeoStor Outage

Our FTP server has experienced some data corruption (again) and I am attempting to repair it, however this means that Downloads are down as well. I expect the repair process to continue though the evening since the disk being repaired is 2TB in size. I have posted a notice on the GeoStor home page and […]

Pope County Assessor Joins List of Arkansas GIS Leaders

The Arkansas Geographic Information Office  has named Pope County Assessor Karen Martin to its list of state leaders in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Martin has lived in Pope County her entire life, and currently resides in the outskirts of Russellville. She began working at the Assessor’s office 25 years ago, and was elected Assessor in […]

GeoStor Updates and Outages

Outages We are currently experiencing issues with our FTP server so if you are unable to get to an FTP link that worked previously that is probably why. I expect to have this resolved by Monday but there are no guarantees unfortunately. On to happier things… Updates We have added some pretty cool features and […]

Beebe Appoints New GISB Members

Governor Beebe appointed three individuals to the State Geographic Information Systems Board on Thursday, September 24. Dr. Robert Kissell will remain on the Board for another term; Dr. Jackson Cothren of Fayetteville has replaced Dr. Fred Limp; and Dr. Margaret McMillan has replaced Ms. Phyllis Poche. The terms of GIS Board members are four years, […]

GeoStor More Data & Updates

The following data has been added or updated throughout the GeoStor System. We appreciate all those willing to coordinate and distribute information via GeoStor- Thank You! Additions:These orthos have not been added to the High resolution ortho service. We are still working on our long term strategy to handle the high resolution orthos in an […]

GeoStor Updates

Whew. What can I say, been really busy as usual and haven’t posted any updates in awhile. So without further ado, here they are: Upgraded ArcGIS Server to 9.3.1 and converted all our services over to the new MSD format. They are very fast! I should have done this a long time ago! Our services […]