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GeoStor 6.0 Updates

It has been awhile since I have posted any updates, mainly because I have been so busy working on them! Now that we have gotten our AGS services stabilized (hopefully…) I have been able to move ahead with other projects that are dependent upon AGS. I will outline what we are rolling out with this […]

GeoStor 6.0 AGS & ArcCatalog Connections

I worked with ESRI last week to get this issue resolve and it appears to be working finally. Please see my previous post on how to connect and let me know if you have any issues. The issue was with the virtual directory settings in AGS, since we are using what is considered a “web […]

You can have your GIS data searchable in GeoStor

GeoStor 6.0 (currently in beta) enables users to find and link to GIS data that is not distributed for download by GeoStor. You can see the ‘off site publishers’ currently available at the following link We would like to add your data for Arkansas. Please send us a link to your GIS data on […]

Issues Connecting to GeoStor 6.0 ArcGIS Services

Second Response to Issue BelowThank you for making us aware of this issue. The GeoStor 6.0 Architecture includes two identical ArcGIS Server setups that are accessed via a CISCO Switch. The switch provides some load balancing and redundancy (ie- if one server is down, the other one will receive all of the traffic). We have […]

GeoStor 6.0 & Connecting to ArcGIS Services

I have gotten quite a few questions regarding how to connect to ArcGIS Services, especially with ArcCatalog, even though there is a tutorial on YouTube ( Here are the quick and dirty instructions: Open ArcCatalog (You must be using 9.2 SP6 at a minimum, 9.3 is preferred) Expand “GIS Servers” Click add ArcGIS Server Click […]

GeoStor 6.0 Updates

Well, I have been busy the past week or so fixing the bugs that folks have submitted as well as ones that we have found along the way. These are the things that I have changed since the last update: Bugs The proper metadata is being attached with downloads now (it wasn’t being modified to […]

GeoStor: New Data Available

The Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department has provided a revised layer that consists of township, range and section layer. The Arkansas 1:24000 Township, Range and Section layers were digitized and attributed utilizing information from the 1:24000 USGS Topographic Maps, General Land Office Maps, State of Arkansas Land Commission, State Surveyors Office, and several county assessors’ […]

GeoStor: Tornado Imagery Available

Mena imagery captured on April 11, 2009 around Mena, AR is now available on GeoStor. The data has been provided to the Polk County Assessor Office and local officials. The imagery was acquired by Eagle Forestry Services, Inc ( and purchased by the AGIO. The imagery is publically accessible and available for no fee.

GeoStor 6.0 Update

Tutorials on YouTube * GeoStor Beta Tutorial * How to connect to GeoStor ArcGIS Server are a test to see if it is useful. Let us know via the blog or email ( Connect to information not on GeoStor. Below are a few examples. Additional ones can be found using the keywords Offsite Publisher […]