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Geocode Service Change Notification

SERVICE NOTIFICATION On May 1st, 2018 the Arkansas GIS office will implement a major change to the geocode services available at The service titled GEOSTOR_COMPOSITE will be deprecated. After this date users will no longer have access to this service. The service titled ASDI_Composite_Locator will be replaced by the service currently titled ASDI_Composite_Locator_Beta. This […]

All Public Roads Linear Referencing System, aka ARNOLD, data upload complete!

We are extremely pleased to announce that final upload of the remaining All Public Roads Linear Referencing System (ARNOLD) datasets has been completed.  With this update now complete, users will have the ability to query and summarize attributes such as road ownership (state, county, municipal, etc.) and surface type (paved or unpaved) at a statewide […]

Image Service Changes! 1 February 2018

The Arkansas GIS Office wants to remind everyone that the Imagery Service changes previously announced will go into effect tomorrow 1 February, 2018. Additional details are available in our original Dec 18th, 2017 announcement located here. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility during this transition. Please see below for the service/rest endpoint urls. The service endpoint that replaces the […]

2011 National Land Cover Now Available on ASDI

The Arkansas GIS Office has added the 2011 National Land Cover Database to the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI). This dataset was created through a cooperative project conducted by the Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics (MRLC) Consortium. The MRLC Consortium is a partnership of Federal agencies (, consisting of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the National Oceanic […]

Image Service changes! One Week Left!

We want remind everyone that the image service changes that were announced previously are scheduled to go into effect next Thursday, February 1st. At that time the 1 Ft tiled service will move to the service titled IMAGERY_1FT_2017, as the Statewide_ADOP_2017 service is deprecated. The 2006 1m product is accessible via the service titled IMAGERY_1M_2006, and last but […]

ANRC Dams Updated

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announced that on behalf of the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, we have updated the Dam database that is hosted on the Arkansas Spatial data Infrastructure. Locations of Dams in Arkansas (updated January 2018) as provided to the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission by the Army Corp of Engineers. This database […]

Arkansas Centerline Update – 18 Counties

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce another update to the Arkansas Road Centerline File (ACF) on the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI). This update of 18 counties represents the sixth release of road data processed in a joint effort by counties, the Arkansas GIS Office, and the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT).  Remaining counties will […]

Image Service changes! Reminder!

In our Dec 18th blog post, click here to read we announced pending changes to the naming conventions we use for some of our Image Services that are available at These changes will consist of renaming the image services titled Statewide_ADOP_2006 to IMAGERY_1M_2006 and Statewide_ADOP_2017 to IMAGERY_1FT_2017. This is the GIS Office’s effort to make the image services […]

Fire Districts (Polygons) & Fire Stations (Points) Updated

The Arkansas GIS Office is please to announce that we have updated Fire Districts on behalf of the Arkansas Economic Development Institute (AEDI) located at University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). We also updated the Fire Station structures data set maintained at the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM). We’d like to thank both organizations for maintaining and providing […]

Address Point File Update

The Arkansas GIS Office has processed and published an update to the Address Point File hosted in the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) for Monroe and Randolph Counties. This update brings the State’s total Address Point File to 1,495,079 total addresses. As always we’d like to take this opportunity to thank both Counties for providing their address point […]