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Telephone Exchange Boundaries (polygon)

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Updated: 2014-10-16 14:48:00

Publisher: Arkansas GIS Office

Publication Date: 20-Jul-12

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Data Description

Telephone Exchange Boundaries (polygon)

This data provides Telephone Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier territory information for the State of Arkansas. The database provides location information for use in local and regional cartographic and spatial analysis applications. The data set was compiled from the legal descriptions in the rate documents on file with the Public Service Commission. The file has not been certified by a Professional Surveyor. The purpose of this data is to provide a generalized statewide view of Telephone Local Exchange Carrier territories. The file has been compiled from numerous sources and as such contains errors. The data contains the Telephone Exchange territories, Exchange Name, Company Name, Area Code, Prefix(es), Use, OCN(Operating Company Number) and Rate Cent

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