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Ozark National Forest Wilderness Area (polygon)

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Updated: 2014-10-16 14:48:00

Publisher: Ozark-St. Francis National Forest

Publication Date: 4-Sep-03

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Ozark National Forrest Wilderness Area (polygon)

This is the Ozark – St. Francis National Forests Wilderness Area Boundaries. Congress has designated five wilderness areas on the Ozark – St. Francis NF, no wilderness areas exist on the St. Francis NF. These include: the East Fork, Hurricane Creek, Leatherwood, Richland Creek, and Upper Buffalo Wilderness Areas. These areas encompass approximately 66,728 acreas of the Ozark NF. This MA is unsuitable for timber production. Mineral extraction or prescribed fires are not allowed. The emphisis is to allow ecological and biological processes to progress naturally with the little to no human influence or intervention, except for the minimum impacts made by those who seek the wilderness experience solitude and risk in as primitive surroundings possible. Management focuses on protecting and preserving the natural environment from human influences.

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