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Outdoor Recreational Facilities

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Updated: 2024-03-15 09:00:00

Publisher: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Publication Date: 1-Jun-15

REST Endpoint

Data Description

A point feature that represents facilities that have been built on AGFC properties. i.e. Archery Range, Bank Fishing, Boating Access, Check Station, Courtesy Dock, Deer Stand, Duck Hole, Firing Range, Fish Cleaning Station, Fish Weigh-In Station, Fishing Jetty, Fishing Pier, Foot Bridge, MIA Facility, Marina, Observation Blind, Observation Platform, Observation Terrace, Overlook Arbor, Park, Parking Area, Pavillion, Pincnic Area, Playground, RVs, Hookups, Dump, Restroom, Showers, Swimming, Swimming Area, Tents, Walk-in, Walk-in Access

[Keywords: AGFC Outdoor Recreation Boating Access Check Station Foot Bridges]