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Zip Plus 4

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Updated: 2023-05-31 08:30:56

Publisher: Arkansas GIS Office

Publication Date: 15-Aug-14

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Data Description

Zip Plus 4

This dataset contains points which represent the location for each ZIP+4® range in Arkansas. This base data serves a variety of public functions that include index layer for address match/geocoding applications, and Streamlines Sales and Tax source jurisdiction assignment. The location of each point was determined by geocoding either the low, high, or mid value for each ZIP+4® address range. All attribute data is drawn from the USPS® (United States Postal Service®) ZIP+4® product – see also supplementary information This information is published by the Arkansas Geographic Information Office, an Arkansas State Government Agency, which holds a non-exclusive license from the United States Postal Service® to publish the information. The price of the PRODUCT or information is neither established, controlled, or approved by the United States Postal Service®. Product advertisement is neither approved nor endorsed by the United States Postal Service®

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