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Profile Basin and Stream Centerline

2018 Impaired Lakes 303 d list in Category 5 Alt

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Updated: 2020-12-14 13:31:17

Publisher: Arkansas Department of Emergency Management

Publication Date: 14-Dec-20

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Data Description

This data includes lakes of Arkansas that have been assessed as Impaired Waterbodies for the listed pollutant pair(s) (Category 5 alt). It consists of a subset of the lakes from the Water Hydrography Tiger 2005V1.National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) High Resolution (1:24,000) Waterbody.Category 5 alt is described as follows: Category 5. The waterbody is impaired, or one or more water quality standards may not be attained. Category 5 alt Waters where alternative restoration approaches may be more immediately beneficial or practicable in achieving WQS than pursuing the TMDL approach in the near-term.</