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2008 Impaired Lakes 303 d list in Category 5

2018 Impaired Lakes 303 d list in Category 5

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Updated: 2020-12-14 10:49:00

Publisher: Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Publication Date: 17-May-10

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Data Description


This data includes lakes of Arkansas that have been assessed as Impaired Waterbodies for the listed pollutant pair(s) (Category 5). It consists of a subset of the lakes from the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) High Resolution (1:24,000) Waterbody.Category 5 is described as follows: Category 5. The waterbody is impaired, or one or more water quality standards may not be attained. Waterbodies in Category 5 will be prioritized as:HighTruly impaired; develop a TMDL or other corrective action(s) for the listed parameter(s).MediumWaters currently not attaining standards, but may be de-listed with future revisions to APC&EC Rule 2, the state water quality standards; or Waters which are impaired by point source discharges and future permit restrictions are expected to correct the problem(s).Low Waters currently not attaining one or more water quality standards, but all designated uses are determined to be supported. There is insufficient data to make a scientifically defensible decision concerning designated use attainment; or Waters DEQ assessed as unimpaired, but were assessed as impaired by EPA.

[Keywords: inland waters environment ADEQ Category 4a Impaired Waterbodies ]