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WGS84 Conversion

I have been working on converting all web map services to WGS84 and it is becoming a long and laborious project so I want to know if people even want to convert to WGS84. If no one wants it I’ll just leave everything as is and move on to something else. Pros: It’s a standard […]

2010 State GIS Board Meeting Dates

The State GIS Board had its final meeting for 2009 on Wednesday, and established meeting dates for 2010. The minutes for the past two meetings are being reviewed and edited, and will be posted to the AGIO  Web site  as soon as they are complete. The confirmed GISB meeting dates for 2010 are: March 3rd […]

Quorum Court Supports GIS Plans in Drew County

Adrian Clark participated in the Drew County Quorum Court meeting in Monticello, Ark. Tuesday night. The primary topic of discussion was the county’s GIS program. Dr. Robert Kissell, UAM associate professor and State GIS Board member, gave a presentation explaining the basics of GIS technology and how it can benefit the county. Representatives from EFS […]

Data & Metadata Updates

Izard and Calhoun County have been added to the Arkansas Road Centerline File Press release available on AGIO Blog Various Statewide Datasets are being exported to the FTP site (weekly) for use by a number of users. White County has been added to the cadastral layers Connections to WMS ( WFS […]

Arkansas Centerline File Update: November 2009

November 12, 2009 Little Rock, Ark. The Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) is pleased to announce a major publication update of the Arkansas Road Centerline File (ACF) data that includes Calhoun and Izard counties. The Centerline File is a GIS data set which contains road names and networks, address range information, and various other components […]

GeoStor Outage & Download Issue

DIS will be having a power outage this weekend so GeoStor will be offline for part of Saturday and all of Sunday. I expect that GeoStor will be back online Monday morning at the latest. We are also having some issues with downloads and are working to resolve them.   Glen GeoStor Blog:

GeoStor FTP Server Issue

It looks like the FTP server issues have been resolved (for now anyway). Let us know if you have any issues. Also, we are really close to migrating to a new FTP server, hopefully within the next week or so. Hopefully that will resolve all the issues we have been having with the old FTP […]

GeoStor Outage

Our FTP server has experienced some data corruption (again) and I am attempting to repair it, however this means that Downloads are down as well. I expect the repair process to continue though the evening since the disk being repaired is 2TB in size. I have posted a notice on the GeoStor home page and […]