Arkansas Address Point File Updated, Benton, Jackson and Saline Counties

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce that for the first time ever, the Jackson County address point file is published and available at  Jackson County now joins nearly the whole state in maintaining the address point file at the local level.  This notice of revised address point data through maintenance also includes revisions from Benton and Saline counties.


Jackson County Judge Jeff Phillips and his staff are to be commended for their leadership in developing this important component of their GIS framework.  The address point file will serve numerous government purposes, but foremost is the public safety role in emergency response through their local E9-1-1 system.  Jackson County and the Arkansas GIS Office were part of a national pilot project administered under the U.S. Department of Transportation which sought to study the minimum content required and best practices necessary for implementing a national address database.  The ultimate concept being a system of address point records that could be created and maintained locally, integrated regionally or at the state level and then published nationally for use by all levels of government and the private sector.  Applied Geographics of Boston authored the report that highlighted best practices for creating the data.  Interested parties can learn more about the pilot project be reading the report.


The total count of address point data in the statewide database now sits at 1,474,054 records, with the addition of Jackson County.  The data also becomes part of the Arkansas GIS Office comprehensive Address Geocoding index that drives a statewide geocoding service.  GIS users can consume that service here:


The address point data can be consumed via several methods:


Downloaded here:

Web Feature Service:

Web Map Service:


We would like to thank foremost Benton, Jackson and Saline counties for their hard work in creating and maintaining their address point data.  We would also like to acknowledge the U.S. DOT for their support of the National Address Database Pilot Project and Applied Geographics for their work on evaluating and testing the initial build of Jackson County address point data.