2015 NASA Senior Review

2015 NASA Senior Review

Every two years, NASA reviews all of its Earth science satellites to determine whether to continue funding/operating the satellites in order to produce their related data products.  While science is the primary factor in their determination, NASA does take into account the views of other agencies (Federal, State, & Local), private sector, NGOs, etc. that use the satellite data products for their own business needs.

The 2015 Senior Review assesses all 9 NASA Earth science satellite missions.  Attached here is a survey that gathers pertinent information on the missions.  I will be compiling your State Level responses to the attached survey in order to provide an overall State-Level assessment to NASA.

Even if your state agency does not use NASA related satellite data products, if you know of a state agency or a division within your state that does PLEASE FORWARD this news link to them.   Remember, NASA is facing the same budget stresses we all are.   If you have business process and needs that are dependent on NASA satellite related data products your input is needed in order to help insure a future for those particular satellite missions.

Please fill out a separate survey for each mission/sensor.

I need ALL RESPONSES back to Ian Von Essen ivonessen@gmail.com  by March 27th, 2015.

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.