April 25, 2011 Weather Event- Update1

Several data sets have been added to the ftp site including information related to the April 26th storms. FTP site http://goo.gl/5vgjG

The AGIO is coordinating with Faulkner County staff and EFS (http://www.efsgeotech.com/) to capture aerial photography for an area around Vilonia, Arkansas http://goo.gl/D5iEw

  •  Area of interest- FileName = 20110426FlightPlanVilonia http://goo.gl/dED
  • Imagery Capture Date: 4/28/2011 or as soon as safe and appropriate flying conditions exist.
  • Quality: No fog, smoke, clouds or haze that obscure ground conditions.
  • Camera: Digital 
  • Type: Natural Color, RGB (no data shall be coded as such) 
  • Resolution: One Foot GSD 
  • Final Product: Color balance, edge-match, quality controlled 
  • Format: .tiff tiled and named according to tiling scheme (FileName = 20110426AerialTileScheme http://goo.gl/dEDPf), 20:1 compressed Mr. Sid mosaic 
  • Delivery date: No later than 5/6/2011 (unless flying conditions become unfavorable) 
  • License: (Open Data http://goo.gl/ydyQy) product will be posted on the GeoStor ftp site upon completion of delivery to the county staff