GeoStor Updates

I know it has been quite some time since my last update on the blog/forum and I apologize for that. It means that I have been REALLY busy working on it, in fact if I don’t document my changes I forget most of them. Also, my trip to the ESRI UC was great, I learned a lot, visited with friends, met new friends, and enjoyed some down time in the California sun. If you are an ESRI user and are able to go, I highly suggest it.

Change log:

  • Updated the map cache for ACF and the aerials, I have included the 1 foot county aerials where possible in the cache
    • It has been rendered and will be added to the servers this weekend
  • Many, many bug fixes on the website, thanks for all your help finding the bugs!
  • Added features:
    • Add a bookmark for a search (Home page only)
    • Get a direct link for search results, you can click it and see it in the address or right click and Copy Shortcut (Home page only)
    • Many new help contexts and more visible help
    • We have added some new dynamic layers in the viewer
      • Sections, Townships, and Quads
      • NHD Hydrology
      • Legislative Districts
      • Census Tracts and Blocks
      • County Seats
    • The viewer automatically opens the Live Maps & Overview widgets
    • Added the AGIO logo to the banner (looks good up there doesn’t it :))
    • The notifications will stay up longer so it will be easier to read them
    • All the beta addresses will be redirected to the production address automagically
      • CAVEAT:
        If you are direct connecting with ArcCatalog you will need to change the address yourself unfortunately, this includes any map documents that used the AGS services

Coming Soon™*

  • Ability to see the metadata thumbnails in the search results
  • Pagination in the search results
  • Ability to add search results to the viewer on the fly (cool huh?)
  • Suggestions?

Check our blog out:

* Coming Soon™ means when I get time and we all know how much free time I have… (that’s sarcasm by the way ;))