NEAGIS Kicks Off First Meeting

The North East Arkansas GIS Users Group (NEAGIS) held their first meeting Tuesday July 14, 2009 in Jonesboro.

The primary goals of the first meeting were to establish leadership positions, as well as organize and plan what NEAGIS would do for the community. Twenty-two people “representing regional city, county, state, federal, and private organizations, the Arkansas GIS Users Forum, and vendor representatives from ESRI, Pictometry, and NEI” were present at the meeting, and leadership elections were held.

Rusty McAlister, GIS Coordinator for the city of Jonesboro, was elected as chair of the organization. Jonathan Duran, GIS Specialist at Associated Engineering in Jonesboro, was elected as vice-chair. NEAGIS decided they would meet quarterly, and the next meeting is scheduled for November 2009.

Among the topics discussed were ideas concerning “regional training opportunities, disaster recovery coordination, coordination of common efforts and interests, and pursuit of more accurate elevation data for the Mississippi River alluvial region,” according to Rusty McAllister.

An announcement was made for the upcoming GIS business plan workshop in October, and Duran states that he wishes to involve Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) schools that are in and around Jonesboro in their next meeting.