Exciting Times

GeoStor 6.0 was released as beta on April 13, 2009. We have learned a lot the past few weeks. Our original intent was for GeoStor 5.0 to go dark on June 20, 2009. We are still moving toward that goal, but will be doing so in a ‘slower’ manner.

In the coming weeks you will begin to notice links to GeoStor 5.0 will redirect you to the beta version. Do not be alarmed. This is only intended to assist in additional beta testing. Dates to be aware of:
June 8, 2009: Various links on the GeoStor 5.0 Homepage will redirect to GeoStor 6.0
June 17, 2009: Various ArcIMS Services will be stopped. Ones we plan to keep will be accessible via http://www.geostor.arkansas.gov/arcgis/services (click here to learn how to connect)

Our intent is to leave the geostor.arkansas.gov DNS in place and redirect it to beta.geostor.arkansas.gov when the final transition is completed. We believe this will prevent you from having to reconnect to the various services when GeoStor 6.0 goes to full production. We are still investigating this and apologize for any inconvenience.

We are continuing to work with the application custodians and hope to have their applications transitioned and fully functional by the end of the month. We also anticipate the addition of some more data by the end of the month. Watch for updates.

As always, please drop a note if you have problems.