Arkansas Digital Cadastral Mapping Standard Revised

The Arkansas GIS Office, a division of the Department of Transformation and Shared Services, is pleased to announce the completion of revisions to the Arkansas Digital Cadastral Mapping Standard.  As a promulgated state rule, this standard underwent a rigorous process including public comment and ultimately approval by the Arkansas Legislative Council of the 92nd General Assembly.  The Arkansas Digital Cadastral Mapping Standard is intended to make digital cadastral data more uniform and inter-operable. This will facilitate the sharing of a statewide, seamless digital cadastral spatial data layer. Adherence to this standard will enhance the “usability” of the spatial data theme and its attributes by multiple entities, ensure a consistent manner in which the cadastral parcel spatial data and attribute data are collected or stored, and enable the data to be merged seamlessly and become transferable regardless of creator or jurisdictional boundaries.


The standard was brought forward at the beginning of the County Assessor Mapping Program (CAMP) that began in 2002.  This program focuses on the development of tax parcel GIS data for the counties of Arkansas.  The data is developed under local county authority, aggregated by the Arkansas GIS Office, and ultimately published as a statewide collection.  Since its beginning and to this date, the collection remains the most popular dataset published on the platform.


Questions about the standard may be directed to the Arkansas GIS Office at (501) 682-2767.