Data Updates

The Arkansas GIS Office is please to announce that we have updated the Address Point File (APF)  for Crawford, Monroe, Scott, Sebastian, & Searcy Counties. We also updated the Arkansas Centerline File  (ACF) for the aforementioned Counties excluding Monroe County which we hope to publish soon. As always, we’d like to thank County staff for maintaining and providing this data to be updated in the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure.

To download or view APF visit and to download or view ACF visit

Both datasets can be consumed via web services at or respectfully.


Additionally, we also updated the National Hydrology Dataset (NHD) on behalf of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). We’d like to thank ADEQ staff for facilitating this update. The datasets the NHD consists of can be downloaded at the below urls or consumed via web services at

NHD Polygon –

NHD Line –

NHD Point –

NHD Waterbody –

NHD Flowline –


Lastly, we have published Pulaski Counties 2018 3/6in Ortho Imagery. We’d like to thank PAGIS and the rest of Pulaski County for making this data available to the greater public.  More information can be found at ,also we will be adding this imagery to our High Resolution Composite service available at

This Imagery Service update will consist of adding Pulaski’s 2018 acquisition as well as the City of Conway’s 2017 six inch Ortho Imagery collection to a tiled version of the High Resolution Composite Service as it is presently known. The Imagery service update is scheduled to occur TONIGHT at 7:00PM May 9th, 2019.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to