New Dataset! 5 Foot Contours

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce we have published for the first time five-foot contours dataset(s) for the entire State of Arkansas. The original input source data primarily consisted of the 10kmx10km National Elevation Dataset (NED) tiles produced by the USGS as a function of the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP). Where no NED tile existed, coverage was supplemented using DEM data that was previously collected and provided to the Arkansas GIS Office independent of the 3DEP collection effort.

The input tile was processed with GIS software to convert the DEM’s vertical linear units from meters to feet. In addition to this conversion the data was processed with focal statistics utilizing a 9×9 neighborhood grid to smooth the data to create a less jagged appearance that is more cartographically pleasing.

Due to shapefile size constraints, we were  unable to add this dataset to our clip, zip, and ship product line. To compensate we exported a Contours shapefile based on the extent of the input tile in the corresponding State Plane coordinate system.

The tile footprint and contour data can be explored via browser at or accessed via REST services in browser or via GIS Software at and/or  respectively.


Additionally, we have made the entire 79GB dataset available via a zipped file geodatabase at

Additional information is available via the product listing at or

This data does not meet FEMA’s minimum interval requirements for Floodplain Management.