Image Service changes! One Week Left!

We want remind everyone that the image service changes that were announced previously are scheduled to go into effect next Thursday, February 1st. At that time the 1 Ft tiled service will move to the service titled IMAGERY_1FT_2017, as the Statewide_ADOP_2017 service is deprecated. The 2006 1m product is accessible via the service titled IMAGERY_1M_2006, and last but not least the 6in composite service will transition to the service titled High_Resolution_Composite.

Additional details are available in our original Dec 18th, 2017 announcement located here.

We appreciate everyone’s flexibility during this transition. Please see below for the service/rest endpoint urls.

The new Statewide_ADOP_2017 service name is available at

The new Statewide_ADOP_2006 service name is available at

The new High_Resolution_Best_Available service name is available at