Image Service changes! Reminder!

In our Dec 18th blog post, click here to read we announced pending changes to the naming conventions we use for some of our Image Services that are available at

These changes will consist of renaming the image services titled Statewide_ADOP_2006 to IMAGERY_1M_2006 and Statewide_ADOP_2017 to IMAGERY_1FT_2017. This is the GIS Office’s effort to make the image services more intuitive as to the products they represent.  In preparation for this transition we have published the aforementioned image services with the new naming conventions to allow people to begin migrating applications and workflows to the updated services. The Statewide_ADOP_2017 cache will move to the new service naming convention when the legacy service is deprecated, which is currently scheduled for 1 February, 2018.

Additionally the service currently titled High_Resolution_Best_Available will be renamed to High_Resolution_Composite and will only contain imagery that meets or exceeds 6in resolution.  Any imagery not meeting or exceeding 6in specifications will be removed from the high resolution service.


The new Statewide_ADOP_2017 service name is available at

The new Statewide_ADOP_2006 service name is available at

The new High_Resoltion_Best_Available service name is available at


Again the legacy services will be shut down on 1 February, 2018! Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at