New Data: Fire Station ADEM

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce a major update of Fire Station location data throughout Arkansas.  The agency in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, Office of Fire Services developed a mapping application to create an updated Fire Station data set.  Before now, the only version of this data was available through a private sector source that had not been updated since 2007, and that data was becoming very outdated.  This source, while still available, has been retired to a historical designation.


The Office of Fire Services administers a program whereby fire departments are required to report information each year, in order to be certified for meeting minimum standards prescribed by the Arkansas Fire Protection Services Board.   Fire departments that comply with the certification become eligible to receive funding through an allocation of the Arkansas Insurance Premium Taxes.  Because of this annual certification process the Office of Fire Services is ideally suited to maintaining the location map of fire stations in Arkansas.  They worked over a period of several years to map the stations. This result is a major improvement to the accuracy, quality, and timeliness of fire station locations.


The data includes reference to the Department or Station name, County(s) of responsibility, physical and mailing address as well numerous methods of department contact. Additionally, the Fire Station data contains the Fire Department ID (FDID) and the interchangeable National Fire Incident Reporting System ID (NFIRSID) that is used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to track reported incidences.


The locations will be updated as new stations are constructed or retired.  Attributes associated with the stations and departments will be updated as certifications are reported by the individual departments.  Any errors discovered in this information should be immediately reported to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, Office of Fire Services at 501-683-6781 .


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