Geostor/ASDI Locator Service Survey

In an effort to improve the Geocode Services that are hosted by the Arkansas GIS Office, we are requesting information on current use cases to ensure that the transition to the new geocode service has the least amount of negative impact…aka we don’t want to break your applications, but we may have to. If breaking is unavoidable we want to ensure that we are able to provide guidance that will assist in restoration of geocoding/address validation processes.

As a result the Arkansas GIS Office is surveying the GIS community in Arkansas to identify which organizations or individuals use and more importantly how they use the Geocode Server service so that we can continue to accommodate users with this valuable service.

  1. Does your organization have deployed applications or automation routines that currently use the Geocode Service endpoints located at or  ?

  1. If so what output fields or functionality is specific to your applications needs?

    For example, application or routine sends service request to either of the aforementioned service endpoints and as an organizational need parses the user_fld output field.  Which locator do you use to capture user_fld.  For instance, Zip9_Locator outputs a ZIP+4 without any special characters in user_fld (720231010), but the AddPt_Locator outputs ZIP+4 with a dash (72023-1010).

  1. What is the level of difficulty to updating your application or routine to consume a different geocode service endpoint?

  1. Whom in your organization would be the POC to updating application code? If the application or routine was not developed internally, then what is the contact information for the organization or individual that did develop the application or routine?

With this information the Arkansas GIS Office will create and deploy a set of Geocode services that will better meet the needs of its users while simultaneously eliminating confusion as to which geocode service to use. The projected time frame for deployment of the new services is 20 January 2017, with deprecation of the Geostor_Locator & Geostor_Locator2 scheduled to occur no later than 1 March 2017.

Responses, questions or concerns may be directed to Matthew DeLong at 501-682-3710 or via email at